A concierge service may be more affordable than you think

Having someone permanently on hand to deal with your AV issues soon makes sense with enough facilities to warrant such a level of attention. Everyone would have concierge service if they could. A concierge on site means your rooms are regularly checked for functionality and kept in working order. Downtime is minimised through proactive steps being taken each working day. This also often means your IT people get more time to do their real job. A concierge service takes all the pain out of meeting room technicalities, and this is particularly useful when the meeting participants are not that likely to have much familiarity with the technology. The higher the executive level, the more likely this is to occur.

High level executives can have a short fuse when it comes to board rooms that do not function to their liking. Not only do they highly value their own time but they often have a fair idea about how much the boardroom technology cost. For that kind of money, they rightfully expect it to work. A concierge is insurance that it does, and this provides a level of protection for the technology team within the enterprise.

Concierge services can make a huge difference to internal workloads. If everybody knows who to ask to fix meeting room problems, it means that time is not wasted asking the wrong person. They are also a great way to deal with the greatest problem most hardware usually faces, that of user error.  The value of concierge services is well proven in the field. In our experience, most sites that opt for concierge services, never opt out.

Depending on location it may be possible to share concierge services with other Ci Group clients nearby. It’s certainly worth asking the question. A concierge service under that arrangement may be far more affordable than you expect.

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