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Where to find us

Headquartered in Nunawading next door to the fire station is a technology company making a difference to Melburnian’s lives. From every corner of the Melbourne CBD to far flung locations throughout Victoria the Ci Group provides Victorians with a better experience of technology. For many that experience will be of technology in their workplace, or when they go shopping at a shopping centre or visit the MCG or Marvel stadiums. Whereas others might find their Ci Group technology experience in aged care homes, hotel accommodation, universities or when working from home. You don’t need to come to Nunawading, however, because the Ci Group comes to you.

What we do

The Ci Group is Melbourne’s most accomplished technology integrator and active on several fronts; Workplace technology, LED & Display technology, Technology for Smart Environments, Technology for Hospitality, Technology for Aged Care, Technology for Education and more recently technology specifically for Wellness as well.

Why The Ci Group is the right partner for you

  • Better user experiences
  • Higher productivity outcomes
  • Better wellness outcomes
  • Better delivery methodology

    Where You’ve Seen Our Work

    The most visible Ci Group work is hard to miss. Every Melburnian will have seen at least one example. There is all the LED signage that surround the MCG and Marvel arenas, the giant LED media façade on the Emporium Swanston St corner and the breathtaking LED digital Art screen at Melbourne Central office tower just to name three.

    Here is a selection to take a closer look at.

    The work of the Ci Group in the workplace may not be as public, but the impact is profound. Not only can it integrate audio visual technology with office automation and control, but it can also include a range of other technologies to make workplaces more productive.

    Take a look at some examples

    What we do

    Workspace technologies

    • Meeting room technology
    • Presentation rooms
    • Video Conferencing rooms
    • Boardrooms
    • Training Rooms & Collaboration Spaces
    • And more…

    In addition, the Ci Group is able to bring useful extra smarts to the workplace from automated lockers to workplace apps that allow your people and the space to be more efficient. Sensor technology can also be installed to gather better planning data.

    Humancentric in approach the kind of experience the Ci Group delivers to the workplace is one where the technology is reliable, easy to comprehend and properly supported, whether it be meeting room equipment or digital signage throughout the enterprise. Documentation is easy to follow, and user training is made available as needed. What the Ci Group provides is a technology experience that makes the workplace less frustrating, and in more recent times healthier as well. This is because the Ci Group workplace capability now includes an extensive list of specialist wellness products, a development which is a gamechanger for practically every workplace in Melbourne.

    Workplace wellness aspects

    • Indoor air quality via advanced air filtration
    • Water quality through water filtration
    • Circadian light emulation for higher energy levels
    • Dedicated wellness spaces
    • Biophilic green walls
    • Digital Art via networked video
    • Community building by networked video
    • Enhanced sanitation via UV light wands

    Just as importantly, employees are kept informed of their environmental health status through the constant display of the relevant metrics. This enables offices from Spencer St to Spring St or from Sunshine to Dandenong to show healthy they are.

    Education technology needs addressed by the Ci Group

    Ci Group workplace clients include many of Australia’s leading corporations, many of which are headquartered in Victoria. But not all workplaces are corporate offices.

    Education clients throughout Melbourne and Victoria are also supplied and serviced by the Ci Group. Victorian universities include Melbourne, Deakin, La Trobe and ACU. Victorian schools include Geelong College, Marymede and Melton Catholic Colleges and several others.

    • General learning Spaces
    • Specialised instruction spaces such as those for nursing or trades
    • Event spaces
    • Meeting Rooms
    • Video Conferencing Space
    • Community Facilities
    • Indoor Display Screens and sound systems
    • Outdoor Display Screens and sound systems
    • Wayfinding
    • Billboards
    • Outdoor Scoreboards
    • Indoor Scoreboards

    LED & Digital Video

    Digital Display is another area in which the Ci Group excel. The MCG and Marvel Stadium, Emporium corner, and the lobbies at Melbourne Central and 664 Collins St are the most public examples, but many more are hidden from public view

    The breadth of digital display product available from the Ci Group is unrivalled as it is authorised to install all the world’s leading brands and has access to every kind of display technology imaginable.

    Display applications addressed

    • LCD digital signage networks including any number of screens
    • IPTV technologies for video distribution

    LED display designed for items such as:

    • giant screens in building lobbies
    • retail stores
    • shopping centres, bars and clubs
    • TV stations and billboards
    • boardrooms and training rooms
    • LED Full Motion Video Scoreboards
    • LCD and LED Indoor Scoreboards
    • LED Outdoor Cinema
    • Kiosks
    • Interactivity through touch, gesture or recognition
    • Wayfinding
    • Screen content management systems

    Who in Victoria should be interested? Every commercial building owner, shopping centre, local government body, school or university, sporting club, major hotel venue, TV station, retailer or significant corporate workplace.

    Specialty LED products available via the Ci Group

    • Outdoor LED for building facades
    • Indoor LED for window displays
    • Bonded LED for smooth & splashproof indoor screens
    • Ceiling LED for indoor ceiling display
    • Rooftop LED for building naming rights
    • Floor LED for dance floors and other
    • Flexible LED for suspending in atriums
    • Strip and curtain LED for specialist application
    • Crystal LED for high end application


    Whatever you want to do with display, the Ci Group can help you achieve it. The building lobby LED screen the Ci Group installed at 664 Collins St Melbourne won a major international design award.  Bravo Mirvac, Grimshaw Architects and Swinburne University. We were glad we could help.

    Technology for Hospitality

    Melbourne’s international hotels are another focus of company activity as the Ci Group offers a range of technologies applicable to hospitality.

    • Customised IPTV networks for entertainment, hotel service provision and e commerce
    • Multi-platform guest communication systems, TV, digital signage and smartphone
    • Giant LED screens or LCD walls in your lobby
    • Digital signage networked through your hotel
    • Casting devices for guests
    • Background music systems and voice control for guest rooms
    • Branded on screen guest room menus
    • Event space sound and vision

    It also now offers a range of Wellness technologies applicable to hospitality. Products such as

    • Special air purifiers for guest rooms
    • Advanced air filtration for communal areas.
    • Special showerhead filters
    • Special filters for guest room drinking water

    Technology for Aged Care

    Aged care facilities throughout Victoria are also able to benefit from Ci Group technology such as:

    • Customised IPTV networks that facilitate resident communication via their TV screen
    • Resident room e commerce facilities to engage internal or external services
    • Resident voice control over room functions like curtains and light.
    • Curated entertainment content for residents
    • Visitor media cast facilities
    • Cloud integration systems that allow resident families to remotely upload family photos and media for easy resident access
    • Digital signage networks to inform and reassure residents
    • Plus various assistive technologies

    AV Support and Maintenance

    Every workplace in Melbourne is now able to access the support and maintenance services of the CI Group even if their workplace AV equipment was sourced from another supplier. This keeps downtime to a minimum and often addresses long standing concerns. These AV support services can include a manned help desk, optional concierge services, scheduled preventative maintenance, service level agreements tailored to each room and more.

    What all Ci Group clients have in common is that they regard their integrated technology as mission critical to their overall productivity and value technology is that is well put together without cutting corners and is properly maintained and supported. References are available on request.

    Appropriate clients include:

    • Accountancy Firms
    • Legal Firms
    • Research Institutes
    • Insurance Companies
    • Fund Managers
    • Recruitment
    • Finance Companies
    • Banks
    • Mining & Resource Companies
    • Energy Companies
    • Government Agencies
    • Government Departments
    • Property Companies
    • Technology Companies

    (Essentially any workplace where poorly functioning AV can waste valuable time.)

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