There are three Signify product lines for which the Ci Group is authorised


Functional Advantages

  • Preset control that allows lighting scenes to be memorised and recalled
  • Distributed control that allows command and monitoring from any point in the network
  • Greater ease of installation thanks to simpler configuration and authorised programmers
  • Future proof flexibility thanks to Envision software that allows for simple reprogramming
  • Energy savings & management that harvests natural light and adjusts supplementary light accordingly, minimising costs and helping projects qualify for green ratings.
  • Scalability that accommodates building churn, changing tenancies, staff fluctuations and activity-based working.
  • Advanced integration with other systems like those for blinds, audio visual, temperature
    control or building management.
  • Increased lamp life due to proprietary soft start and surge limiting technologies.
  • Perfect LED dimming due to advanced technology that enables it to be flicker free.

Dynalite user benefits by application

Dynalite for Office & Commercial Space

  • Stimulates productivity through circadian rhythms. Helps qualify for Well ratings.
  • Optimizes energy use – earning credit points for Green Star, BREEAM and LEED ratings.
  • Minimizes operating and maintenance costs
  • Tailors work areas to suit specific tasks
  • Can accommodate future layout and occupancy changes
  • Integrates with other systems in a Building Management System (BMS)
  • Automates recurring functions for incremental time saving

Dynalite/Signify for hotels

  • Optimises the guest experience and reduces overheads
  • Creates a more inviting ambience throughout all spaces
  • Helps build brand differentiation
  • Integrates with the BMS to program pre-determined scenes
  • Allows guests to personalise the lighting ambience of their room
  • Provides a site wide dashboard for control by the facilities manager

Philips Dynalite - Overview Room Automation System

How light systems can be used in buildings

Dynalite for Stadiums and Large Venues

  • Enables unsurpassed lighting configuration flexibility for venue managers
  • Tailors lighting themes to suit specific musical performance, concerts, or sporting teams
  • Provides lighting environments that are inherently safer
  • Enhances the audience experience at premium events
  • Optimises energy efficiency
  • Ensures lamp replacement is efficient
  • Delivers premium lighting conditions for broadcast capture



Control Essentials - The 4 parts of a lighting control system.

How Dynalite has put Australia on the map with lighting

Philips Signify has four global research centres, Eindhoven in the Netherlands, Burlington USA, Bangalore India and Sydney Australia, the latter is Dynalite HQ and Signify’s world leading research centre for indoor networked controls.

Why the Dynalite product range is by necessity extensive

The Philips Dynalite range of products comprises – controllers, into which lighting and other loads are connected, user interfaces, which give the user the power to interact with the system, and integration devices which are used to connect additional systems so they communicate/perform seamlessly as one. A comprehensive suite of Envision software products and network accessories such as sensors completes the offering.

At the centre of the Philips Dynalite system is DyNet, a sophisticated communications protocol based on distributed control architecture. This approach ensures reliable operation by eliminating the vulnerability associated with a centralised processor design. A flexible & scalable platform for system design facilitates the accommodation of unique product application requirements.

For further information on Philips Dynalite and other Signify product ranges, please download the brochures in the learning centre.


Like quite a few other product lines represented by the Ci Group, Signify Interact is a “join the dots” technology, enabling you, as Interact puts it, to “add more value with something you already own: your lighting”. It applies IoT technology including sensors via your network to make your lighting a whole lot smarter than it would be otherwise. The automated data informed decisions enabled by Interact deliver you a better managed environment plus the data gathered better informs your planning. 

The Interact portfolio of tailor-made software applications unites your lighting with intelligent building, smart city and other Internet of Things driven technologies.

These modules are based around specific requirements as indicated by their names, Interact Office, Interact City, Interact Retail, Interact Industry, Interact Landmark, Interact Hospitality, and Interact Sports. You choose the modules as appropriate. To learn more about Interact, download the literature from the Learning Centre on this site.

Interact Office - Connected LED Lighting System

Interact Hospitality - How does it work in the guest room?

Interact Hospitality - Bio adaptive lighting for your guests

Interact Hospitality - Connected LED Lighting System

Interact Overview - Where lighting meets the IoT

Interact is also possible to introduce to small or medium sized businesses via Interact Pro. This brings easy to install connected lighting to any small or medium sized workplaces. The Interact Pro app allows fast set up by installers as well as personal control for employees. This makes it a great way for such workplaces to provide lighting that adjusts to time of day, workspace, task, and worker. Add in the extra benefit of automation and it can simultaneously help you save on energy costs and meet your sustainability targets.

So why not arrange an inspection of your premises to explore what can be achieved? It may prove to be far more affordable than you expect.


Interact Hospitality - Hotel Pillows Case Study

Interact Hospitality - Enhancing employee & guest satisfaction

Interact Hospitality - Hotel Exterior Danang

Interact Stadium - Red Bull Arena, Leipzig Germany

Interact Office - Environmental Monitoring and customisation

Philips UV-C

Although you cannot eradicate an airborne virus simply by flicking a light switch, you can shorten its transmission period through treating the air with UV light. World leaders in illumination, Philips Signify have developed some impressive products for the task, air disinfection units that reduce risk considerably by neutralising viruses through UV-C radiation. UV – C exposure is not particularly healthy for humans either, as it happens, but Philips Signify has seen to it that humans are kept out of harm’s way by a variety of means.

One method is to deploy upper air disinfectant units located at a safe distance well above people’s head that process the air circulating in the room. No UV light reaches humans, and the room is cleansed in the time it takes for the air to circulate.

Fight germs with UV-C lighting

Philips UV-C Office Case Study - Forte Partners

Another form of treatment is air circulating units with internal UV that ensure air gets circulated by also acting as the device that circulates it. These can process the air in small spaces very quickly

Yet another form to consider are light battens for use exclusively when no-one is present, and for added safety these can be supplied with sensors that auto switch off when a human or animal is detected. These can neutralise spaces like meeting rooms when they are vacant. Rooms can be disinfected between meetings.

Finally, there are also high light intensity trolleys used for treating surfaces with UV-C when people are not around. Surfaces can be made safer in a matter of seconds. This is technology particularly useful for treating spaces such as dining areas or classrooms when empty.

UV-C Upper Wall Unit Simulation - Hospitality

Due to the safety measures necessary, Philips UV-C products can only be installed by authorised personnel. The various applications on offer are not only relevant to workplace but to anywhere people gather indoors, especially high traffic areas. Transit locations like building lobbies are good examples, so are shopping centres and hotels. At a bare minimum, entrance points to workplaces are a good place to start.

Why The Ci Group is the right partner for you

  • Better user experiences
  • Higher productivity outcomes
  • Better wellness outcomes
  • Better delivery methodology

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