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The purpose of the Ci Group’s Lighting division is to provide Australia’s electrical contractors with a suitable supply and implementation partner for Dynalite lighting control and automation along with other associated Signify technologies. Such is the company’s proficiency with Signify technology, it can also provide lighting consultants and engineers with a name they can confidently shortlist in their documentation as a suitable Dynalite specialist.

Unlike other divisions of the Ci Group which are brand agnostic, the lighting division mainly specialise in Signify/Philips Dynalite, a brand that has been leading the world in integrated lighting control and automation solutions since 1989. Dynalite equipment has now been tried and tested in over 30,000 projects globally, including some of the most extensive and ambitious ever to succeed. The same robust technology can be used for practically any application and at any scale making it suitable for a wide variety of projects.

The CI Group has specific interest in lighting control for following construction project types, as this dovetails neatly with the activities of other divisions within the company. Some of these categories also bring into play other, more specialised, products within the Signify/Philips stable, such as Interact for hotel applications.

Electrical Contractors

The CI Group will prove to be an excellent supplier of Dynalite products and services. Feel free to contact us directly on any Dynalite project you need to price. Please also be aware you are welcome to get in contact as early as you like in the process. A project does not have to be paying proposition before you can seek our advice.

Engineering Consultants

You are welcome to put the CI Group through a proficiency test for the delivery of this technology. We understand fully that your reputation partly rests on those you shortlist for your projects.

Specialist Lighting Consultants

Feel free to evaluate whether you should put the Ci Group on your shortlist of service providers. Arrange a meeting with us.

Project Management Companies

You are welcome to request references from project management firms engaged on previous Ci Group projects.

Building Managers

You are welcome to scope out potential projects that need to be retrospectively installed or to seek our advice on projects yet to be formulated. Dynalite can be great investment retrospectively.

Landscape Architects

If lighting control is part your landscape project brief, discover what the Ci Group can potentially do to help your design to succeed.

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