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Motion Art Content

Motion art is a brilliant way to enliven (and keep enlivening) any space, whether on a grand scale such an office building lobby or a modest scale on an LCD screen outside the lift on each floor.

There are variety of ways to approach such content. At the very top is bespoke work created by leading Australian practitioners with whom the Ci Group partners such as Bengar Films or Ramus Illumination. Or you may have your own creative resource. There are also ways in which digital works from around the world can be accessed via subscription. The Ci Group can arrange the creative partner for your requirements, including instances where the artwork relates to real time data.

LED Concept Development Assistance

When developing conceptual design ideas, it can be useful to know what technical possibilities currently exist as well as getting a rough idea of costs. The Ci Group willingly help designers or clients with both these aspects. The company also has a history of developing answers from scratch when none exist.

LCD Videowall Installation

There is a lot to get right with LCD wall installation; carefully aligning each screen, ensuring the calibration matches, making sure screens can be maintained or replaced readily. As a result an inexpert LCD wall installation is very easy to recognise. Conversely you’ll know a good one when you see it.

IPTV Video Networks

If someone really knows what they’re doing with IPTV video networks, you end up with an incredibly useful tool. However if their knowledge base is run of the mill or rudimentary you will fall well short of the mark. It’s a bit like IT in general. It’s not so much about the hardware but the skill of the people involved.


Interactivity is a powerful form of engagement applicable across a range of desired outcomes. Not only can it entertain and inform but it can personalise the experience. It can also help you develop income streams and useful databases. The Ci Group can help with all these things, whether by touch interaction, gesture or motion. You can also apply interactive touches to a building just for fun.

Screen Commerce Functionality

Commercial property, retail and individual workplaces appear yet to come to terms with the logical extension of eCommerce. The Ci Group are ready and willing to help you get acquainted.

Why The Ci Group is the right partner for you

  • Better user experiences
  • Higher productivity outcomes
  • Better wellness outcomes
  • Better delivery methodology

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