PDF, Number of pages 4


A 4 page brochure on wayfinding in general.


There are plenty of ways to wayfind. Among the most popular options are those that utilise the computer that’s in everyone’s pocket, the ubiquitous smartphone. Google maps and the like have made most people familiar with the basic technique, seeing where you are located when moving on a map.

Google maps works fine outdoors, but inside is a different story. That’s when you need a map of what’s inside a building. There are a number of wayfinding software solutions that offer this and they range in sophistication and price.

Other forms of wayfinding are also possible via the Ci Group. For instance, there is the touchscreen format familiar to shopping centre visitors seeking a particular shop location. Some forms of wayfinding are for when stopping and looking at your phone is not so practical. You might have your hands full or be walking at a brisk pace. Animated signposts are a brilliant idea in such instances, whether for airports, train stations, tourist precincts or large university campuses.


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