PDF, Number of pages 53

LED at Ci in General

A 53 page booklet on the Ci Group’s history with LED and its approach to the technology.

At Ci, it’s all about the human experience and when it comes to LED display the experience delivered is exceptional. The Ci Group is able to offer the most comprehensive combination of superscreen display products and services imaginable. You can find everything you need under the one banner, from concept to delivery, from content creation to connection and from content management to ongoing support. Access is available to all major brands

The experience delivered by direct view LED display entails more than just hardware. Success requires the right product specified for the location and purpose, the right content management system and content, the right product support and maintenance and more.

To be done well, large format LED display usually requires an integrated use of additional products. Such products include sensors and control mechanisms for auto adjusting brightness, scheduling software, remote performance monitoring and more.

This booklet explains some of the key aspects that you as a customer need to understand, the importance of specification, location ramifications, content options, interactivity options, audio considerations, durability, maintenance, and ongoing support ramifications. It also shows you various ways in which display can support business objectives.

Not only does this booklet showcase a variety of uses to which LED display can be put. It also showcases many of the projects that have made the Ci Group the optimum choice for any mission critical LED application.


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