PDF, Number of pages 59

Exploring the SMART workplace in more depth

A 59 page booklet that explores the possibilities of SMART workplaces in more depth.

In recent years many offices have undergone a transformation. Activity-based, flex or agile working are the familiar buzzwords, and all such examples provide much greater efficiency in the utilization of space, reducing leasing costs significantly. The flexibility required, however, comes at a price. Workspaces can no longer be personalised by individual designation, and although this increases occupancy efficiency by requiring fewer places per employee, it also creates a disconnect between human need, preference and behaviour and the spatial design proposed. Unless this conflict is resolved any agile workplace design finds user acceptance elusive.

Everybody wants to create a more flexible and productive environment, one that is fully embraced by its inhabitants. Technology can help you achieve success providing you go about it the right way. These objectives both pose challenges. Adaptable workplaces require different spaces for different activities. For the sake of efficiency, they also require spaces to be depersonalised. People, on the other hand, yearn to personalise space and have done so since time immemorial. So how can two such seemingly opposite desires be successfully accommodated? You will find out in the pages of this booklet. Download it today.


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