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Animated Signposts

A 4 page brochure on animated signposts specifically.


Billions of smartphones were purchased last year There are now more than 200 billion connected devices globally by 2020 20% of people in the developed world own at least three screens. (Computer, phone, tablet)

Today’s smartest signage technology recognizes this reality and harnesses its potential. With the iGirouette® signpost you can not only display on the sign itself, but you can also supply more detailed information in a form that people can take with them as they go. This information can include local history details, event information, as well as additional locations that might be of interest. Each signpost can deliver such detailed information to passers-by on their mobile device (smartphone, tablet, or laptop). It might deliver details relating to a tourist precinct, a shopping centre, local services, amenities, transit points and businesses, or a special event like a university open day. It’s whatever story you want to tell. Once they engage with the iGirouette® signpost, visitors can have their selected destination geo-located and directionally displayed in real time. This means the sign will point to whichever point of interest the visitor has nominated. It can also display the distance entailed and estimated travel time. A single sign can display details for as many destinations as desired and advise if the route is wheelchair friendly. Each sign can also be scheduled to display messages and destinations of your choosing in real time. Signage display content can combine text, logo, animation and google data. The download data, on the other hand, can be as detailed as you like.

This sophisticated signage technology from France not only provides a “Harry Potter” moment for precinct visitors, it also provides anyone with their hands full clear directions without having to break their stride. This makes it a useful addition to any airport or shopping precinct. To learn more, get your hands on the brochure.


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