Outdoor Areas

Passive smoking legislation has encouraged outdoor hospitality areas to increase in importance as entertainment spaces. Recent changes in display technology will further accelerate this trend. The extra brightness of LED display makes it possible to install screens on a very large scale that are readily viewable in daylight. Weatherproof LED technology also enables screens to be successfully deployed outdoors.

The Ci Group offers its hospitality clients privileged access to the best LED display options in the region. If you want to create an outdoor screen that attracts an audience willing to spend money, put an LED screen in a beer garden or large outdoor entertaining area. When not in use drawing an audience to view a sport telecast, the same screen can be used to display eye catching digital art or corporate branding. Such screens can also be used as backdrops for live performance. Add a small PA and you can also offer your outdoor area as an event space.

Background music systems are also useful to deploy in outdoor areas. When done well they add to the ambience without being overbearing.


Outdoor LED works well in broad daylight. It can seriously generate a crowd especially with big audio to match.


Point out where to go locally with kinetic signage.

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