Event Spaces

Well-equipped event spaces can drive event and accommodation bookings. The Ci group can provide and devise event spaces specific to your business objectives. For many this will mean sensibly utilising automation technology to make the operation of such spaces simple and foolproof, reducing the need for labour costs.

For others it will mean making their event spaces, globally connected spaces with the ability to stream to a wider audience via the internet as well as record and archive events for later access. It’s better that you can offer prospective customers the world than leave it to your competitors.

Events spaces are more memorable for the right reasons when properly equipped.  Everyone at a wedding prefers to see the bride on a luminous LED giant screen than on washed out projected image of insufficient brightness or an LCD monitor of insufficient size. The same principle holds true for the keynote speaker at a conference. They also want to hear the speeches clearly even when the jokes are no good. There are ways this can be achieved more readily. All it takes is a little know how and the application of the right technology for the task.

So much can be done with event spaces to give you a competitive edge – from automated cameras to flawless sound systems. It’s certainly worth investigating the possibilities. Events spaces are already costing you money. Better equipment ensures you get a better return on that investment.

Superior Display

Win customer preference with advances in LED display.

AV Automation

Experience ease of use at the next level.

IoT Connection

Make your event space accessible to the world.

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