Corridors & Other Transition areas

Corridors and other areas of transition within a hotel can often lack life. This soon changes with the addition of moving images and or responsive lighting. A responsive lighting strategy can also save on energy, while the moving images can be deployed to help generate income.

Using corridors as means of communication to guests enables you to better sell your hotel’s services and facilities and facilities. You have a captive audience with an immediate ability to spend money with you. So, what are you waiting for? Add a digital video network to your transition spaces and with the right content you should get a return on your investment quickly.

You can also use such video networks to promote the services of others such as local tour operators or attractions. If you thought a compendium appearance offered value, an attention-grabbing appearance on the wall opposite as guests exit  a lift offers more.

Digital Art

Digital Art can transform mundane spaces to something special.

Digital Signage

Digital signage can enliven spaces brilliantly while providing extra income.

Automated Lighting

Sensor driven lighting can make a journey feel special while saving on energy costs.

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