Car Parks

The car park is often the first place where guests experience your hotel up close. It should therefore feel welcoming, safe, and efficient. There are ways in which car parks can operate more efficiently, both in terms of entry and in maximising use of space.

Programmed lighting is just one example, especially for indoor car parks, where lights invariably burn 24 hours a day.  Switching to energy efficient control alternatives in that circumstance can make a serious dent in your energy bills.

Keeping track of how many car spaces you have available at any given moment is also useful. This can be achieved with simple sensor technology. You can also monitor guest return through car park sensors, triggering climate control to be restored in their room.

Car parks can also be good locations for digital signage. Such signage can deliver timely messages about your dining facilities or other hotel services.

Background Music

Get the ambience right with carefully selected background music.

Digital Signage

Digital signage can help get a better return from a car park.

Car Park Management

With the right app you can optimise car park returns.

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