Bars, Restaurants and Lounges

The right ambience is crucial for such spaces. These are places where people go to unwind, socialise and enjoy themselves, but also to meet and entertain business associates. Get the lighting right and you are halfway there. Sound and vision, however, are also important and you have many options for each. You can create spaces, for example, where nearby conversations don’t intrude thanks to the magic of soundscaping. Or you can provide music at just the right level for the crowd in the room at the time.

You can provide a giant screen that unites an entire room for a singular sporting event, or a series of screens that provide a choice of content without the accompanying sound interfering with each other. It all comes down to expertise and the right selection of product. Big screens certainly attract an audience.

The next best thing to being at a sporting event live, is to be part of a crowd viewing that event and today’s LED displays allow such crowds to be bigger than ever before.


Big screens draw big crowds for sport, the next best experience to actually being at the event.

Big Audio

Sound that matches the scale of the screen greatly adds to the excitement.

Interactive Kiosks

Add the ability to place a bet on screen and you have a sure fire winner.

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