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Uniquely Focused

The Ci Group aims to make it as easy as possible for customers to do business with it. This means that rather than dividing tasks between separate suppliers you can have one comprehensive service provider.

The joint venture partners behind The Ci Group have created it as a dedicated company that focuses purely on serving companies like yours. It combines expertise in areas like Audio Visual, IPTV, VOD, Digital Signage – together with other key supporting disciplines and resources – resources that are simply unrivalled for a single entity.

This enables you to have a whole range of innovative – and sometimes unique – accommodation industry solutions from one single, reliable source. Everything from Digital Signage and network installations to specially-designed hotel televisions, movie content, HSIA and even indigenous furnishings. A true ‘one-stop shop’ for ambience, infotainment and convenience. Plus you can call on The Ci Group’s service organisation for local-based support and backup wherever your premises are situated. With The Ci Group, you can also enjoy access to the most comprehensive catalogue of content available from anyone due to its strong links to the leading provider in the region.

The Ci Group is currently the only company with such a dedicated setup specific to the accommodation industry. It is therefore able to offer you that extra something to help build and boost your business.

Adding Value

The Ci Group solutions can add value throughout your business in many different ways; in guest rooms and public areas, indoors and outdoors, for entertainment, relaxation or information. They can provide dynamic improvements that are more functional, more fun and more profitable.

On the following pages you will find examples for twelve typical areas of a hotel, and in each instance the products shown are only a small selection of what is available for that particular application. For the idea behind The Ci Group is to offer technology without limits.

What We Do

Hotel Technology Fitouts

The Ci Group can undertake a complete hotel technology fitout whether as part of the construction process or retrospectively as a refurbishment project. This extends beyond the guest rooms to include event spaces, bars, reception areas and all other areas within a hotel. It also extends beyond AV and control to include wellness elements for which you can charge a premium, as well as boosting mobile reception within your building.

Room Entertainment & Communication Systems

No provider of entertainment content is as well-connected as The Ci Group. That said, your entertainment content is always tailored to suit your requirements. The options placed at your disposal are comprehensive.

  • Major Hollywood releases available near theatrical release
  • Revenue share without any fixed cost for the Hotelier
  • Fixed Fee/Free-to-Guest packages available
  • Tailored movies package upon request
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Movies, music, cooking, TV programs, documentaries
  • TV channels offer & consulting*
  • Open API for brand apps/TV middleware

eCommerce Integration

Once you successfully put your hotel in your guest’s pocket, you effectively put your guest in yours. This is an area in which The Ci Group will leave everyone in their wake. What the The Ci Group interface can do for you is only limited by the imagination. We can help you find more ways to make money and/or be more efficient.

  • Feature rich app/api: softphone, remote control, domotics, concierge, messaging, mobile key, WiFi automatic login
  • Cross-selling services – restaurants, excursions, room service and amenities
  • Softphone on in-room device or on guest mobile
  • Content Manager shared with TV solution
  • Staff only dashboard for monitoring/Reporting and ROI analysis
  • Multi vendor mobile door key on guest mobile device
  • Messaging system integrated with PMS vendors
  • Open API and/or software services for 3rd party systems integration (Brand APP, CMS)

Guestroom Wellness Enhancements

Offering wellness equipped rooms at a premium tariff has been proven to work around the world. The technology for the purpose covers a range of aspect. There is advanced air filtration 30 times more refined than hospital grade HEPA and, unlike ordinary air filtration, able to capture particles of a size that carry viruses. There are UV cleaning wands for an extra level of sanitation. There are shower infusers that reduce chlorine levels to provide a more luxurious shower, and aromatherapy diffusers that operate without potentially harmful synthetic oils. The list goes on to circadian lighting, energising light mirrors, mattress encasement, water filtration, meditation and exercise videos.

Hotel Digital Signage Networks

Digital signage entails content management and managed distribution and The Ci Group is able to customise a system that gives the most appropriate combination for your needs as determined on a case by case basis. Included among these options are the following:

  • Specially built digital signage for hospitality with an easy to learn and simple to use interface
  • Cost effective, cloud based solutions which allows you a simple and scalable deployment
  • Multi-room, multi-property, hotel brand and group centralized content and configuration management
  • Layout and design customization to precisely match brand and hotel group standards
  • Ultra High Definition (4K) content support
  • Low power, small size, set-top box options with local storage compatible with any TV or monitor
  • Integration with Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Flights, Weather and many others
  • Easy utilisation of existing media collateral as content
  • Global support lines, 24/7/365 for signage content management and tech support

Accommodation Technology Innovation

Whatever you want to achieve with technology in a hotel, the Ci Group can help you do it.

Voice control in guest rooms, for example, has been shown to save hotels a considerable sum on wages. Answering the phone is no longer necessary. This also avoids guests impatiently waiting on the line for someone to answer. Such innovation means hotel services can be streamlined at modest cost. There are plenty of ways to innovate. You just need the right partner.

Why The Ci Group is the right partner for you

  • Better user experiences
  • Higher productivity outcomes
  • Better wellness outcomes
  • Better delivery methodology

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