AV Support & Services

As far as technology in the workplace is concerned, support helps determine the price you ultimately pay for your AV equipment. Without appropriate support & service you end up paying far more. It’s as simple as that.

A well implemented support & service arrangement quietly delivers a great return on investment. Why? Because it’s able to reduce the hours lost due to technical malfunction or user error and keeps your workspaces functional for a higher percentage of time. A forward thinking support arrangement can enable an equipment swap out with something for you to use temporarily. So rather than wait weeks for a screen repair, the room is up and running as soon as possible.

Tailored AV Support packages

Maximising the time meeting rooms are operable and properly functioning minimises the time that gets lost on wages while people wait. It also means you are maximising the value delivered by the facility in question. A tailored support package reflects the idea that some meeting rooms like boardrooms need a higher level of service than rooms with several alternatives.  Highly qualified internal ITC people often spend way too much time on troublesome AV equipment because there is no one else around to do it. By outsourcing the task you can free their time for pursuits more worthy of their talents.

Remote System Management

Thanks to the miracle of the internet, much technology can be monitored and diagnosed remotely. This means problems can be anticipated in some instances, such as projectors needing lamp replacements simply by monitoring and flagging the hours of operation. In conjunction with sensors, RMS systems can also be used to monitor room usage, thus providing valuable intel for facility management and expansion.

Helpdesk support

Sometimes the best thing that can happen with technology gone wrong is to talk to a human being when you need help. The Ci Group provide help desk support both online and via telephone when needed. It’s a service that can often get things resolved very quickly, especially for anything where human error is involved.

Hot Swap Service Agreements

Time is money, and this is also true when it comes to meeting rooms being out of action. If your meeting rooms are in constant high demand, the problem becomes magnified. Hot swap service agreements work out a way whereby faulty items removed for repair are replaced at the same time with a temporary equivalent to use in the interim. Another popular hot swap option is to replace faulty units with an identical model from a spares pool, and returning the faulty item once repaired to the pool in readiness for the next time.

AV as a service

When you have AV experts regularly on your premises for maintenance purposes, technological shortcomings get noticed more readily. An ongoing AV service can help you identify and implement the incremental changes necessary to keep you up to date where it matters most. Some companies today are exploring different engagement models for AV. One is a straightforward predetermined monthly payment treated as an operating expense. In return what they get are operable meeting spaces kept up to date with equipment changes made automatically. Another is the more radical “user pays” meeting room (Pay per use) which bills internal departments for their room occupancy time. The Ci Group can accommodate the engagement model of your choice.

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