What we do

Improve residents' lives

A fundamental undertaking for the Ci Group is to improve people’s lives through the application of technology. This has particular relevance to the field of aged care. How can things be made easier to use? How can services be easier and more convenient to access? How can spaces be made more hospitable. How can communication with loved ones be enhanced? The Ci Group wants to help all aged care institutions innovate in order to improve the lives of their residents.

Make service delivery more efficient

The improvements made possible in aged care through well applied technology don’t just apply to the direct resident experience. Technology can also help institutions deliver their services more efficiently. Many staff hours, for example, get lost in transit in instances where technology could make such journeys unnecessary. Meal selection and event participation can be made easier.  Technology can also be utilised to streamline outsourced services such as beauticians and podiatrists.

Make additional income streams viable

Once you establish an interface with technology for residents that’s comprehensible, you can develop it further commercially. You can provide a commercial gateway for outside service providers such as hairdressers, for example, or you can provide simple e commerce services, tailored to resident need without the complication of standard e commerce.

Give your facilities a market edge

Chances the facilities you provide will be a contributing factor to a potential client or their family choosing your institution. Technology has a huge role to play in connecting residents with their families. It also has a significant role to play in making your institution a more attractive place to live.

Why The Ci Group is the right partner for you

  • Better user experiences
  • Higher productivity outcomes
  • Better wellness outcomes
  • Better delivery methodology

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