Resident Rooms

A resident room is somewhere residents can call their own. It is therefore important they feel comfortable, at ease and in control. Central to this experience is the TV, which offers entertainment, information and is the ideal medium for relaxation and enjoyment. The room ambience and comfort level, however, is also important and the more a resident feels in control of these aspects the better.

How a resident is able to exert control should be in keeping with their ability to navigate the interface.

The Ci Group is expert at creating interfaces easy for the elderly to follow. Combine this with an interactive content system on the TV and you have the means to improve the quality of life for residents, while at the same time opening up fresh income streams. Such a system can empower your residents to personalise their room in terms of lighting and temperature.

The more you can conveniently put at your resident’s fingertips the more they will like it. It can also enable new ways for them or their family to happily spend money with you.

Accommodation TVs

Accommodation TVs are purpose built, but that’s only the start of it. In the right hands they can become an indispensable and liberating link to the outside world for residents.

Entertainment & Services by App

Offering entertainment, information and transaction via an app is not only more efficient but can be more readily tailored to need.

Room Control by App

Room control by app also provides a better resident experience.

Why The Ci Group is the right partner for you

  • Better user experiences
  • Higher productivity outcomes
  • Better wellness outcomes
  • Better delivery methodology

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