Reception Areas

You know what they say about never having a second chance to make a first impression. So don’t miss the opportunity to create a welcoming ambience – one fused with a sense of care and an air of professionalism – at the entrance point to your facility. Done properly it successfully imprints your ethos on prospective residents and their families.

The use of large format LED display for example, can be used to enrich the senses with engaging digital art, or promote the facility, its community, and activities. The same is true of a digital video network done on screens of a more modest size. The important thing is to understand is the impact that reception areas can have on prospective clients when digital media is involved. How you put such display technology to work should reflect your identity and values.

Nor do you necessarily need to think in terms of a giant TV screen when it comes to LED display. The technology can also be configured as strips or as a series of geometric shapes. LED display can be wall mounted or suspended from the ceiling as a flexible shape. Your creative options in fabrication are extensive. So too are the messages you can convey.


LED display comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be used decoratively or as a display screen. Content can be artistic, commercial or a combination of both.

Digital signage

Digital signage can promote, amuse, display digital art, wayfind and inform. The choice is yours. Strategically placed they can also act as memory prompts.

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