Aged Care Tech products

High Speed Internet Access

This is an area in which The Ci Group intend to be the gold standard and set the industry benchmark. The Ci Group emphasis is always on being inclusive and setting no limits to customisation. The options listed here reflects this intention.

  • MultiVendor, centrally managed, reliable & scalable
  • The system integrates with all PMS/CRS/CRM vendors
  • Social Wi-Fi inclusive (Facebook, etc)
  • High density conference Wi-Fi and premium Internet with monitored quality of service
  • Welcome back to the guest/Welcome loyalty guests
  • Dashboards with monitoring, reporting and analytics (featuring KPIs that matter to an aged care facility)
  • Global support lines, 24/7/365 with inhouse specialized technical helpdesk
  • Open API for 3rd party systems integration like NurseCall

Digital Signage

Digital signage entails content management and managed distribution and The Ci Group is able to customise a system that gives the most appropriate combination for your needs as determined on a case by case basis. Included among these options are the following:

  • Specially built digital signage for Aged Care with an easy to learn and simple to use interface for content
  • Cost effective, cloud based solutions which allows you a simple and scalable deployment
  • Multi-room, multi-property with group centralized content and configuration management
  • Layout and design customization to precisely match resident needs and facility standards
  • Ultra High Definition (4K) content support
  • Low power, small size, set-top box options with local storage compatible with any TV or monitor
  • Integration with Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Weather and many others
  • Easy utilisation of existing media collateral as content
  • Global support lines, 24/7/365 for signage content management and tech support

Entertainment Content

No provider of entertainment content is as well connected as The Ci Group thanks to the Ezestream connection. That said your entertainment content is always tailored to suit your facility’s requirements. The options placed at your disposal are comprehensive.

  • Major Hollywood releases available much closer to theatrical release
  • Revenue share without any fixed cost for your facility
  • Fixed Fee/Free-to-resident packages available
  • Tailored movies package upon request
  • Content available in multiple languages
  • Movies, music, TV programs, documentaries, tutorials
  • TV channels offer & consulting
  • Open API for brand apps/TV middleware

Custom Apps

This an area in which The Ci Group will leave everyone in their wake. What The Ci Group interface can do for you is only limited by the imagination. It is this capacity that is at the heart of The Ci Group can help improve the quality of life for your residents.

  • Feature rich app/api: softphone, remote control, domotics, concierge, messaging, mobile key, WiFi automatic login
  • Cross-selling services – beautician, manicure, excursions, room service and amenities
  • Softphone on in-room device
  • Content Manager shared with TV solution
  • Staff dashboard for monitoring/reporting and ROI analysis
  • Messaging system integrated with PMS vendors
  • Open API and/or software services for 3rd party systems integration (Brand APP, CMS) eg NurseCall

Assistive Technologies

In its broadest context, all sorts of The Ci Group technologies qualify as assistive. It’s not just about The Ci Group’s customisable user interface. Digital signage, for example, can prompt memory of the day’s lunch menu. It can also provide familiar imagery for dementia patients. Sensors, cameras and two way communication over distance can make spaces safer and more efficiently administered.

Transforming TV to a lifestyle support system

With The Ci Group, TVs in resident’s rooms offer far more than just TV. They become part of a sophisticated communication system with properties such as those described here, properties that enable residents to use a familiar device as a control centre.

It’s a control centre that not only gives them a greater sense of empowerment over their immediate environment but access to the outside world and what it too can offer.

  • A High Definition TV experience that’s easy to use
  • A highly resilient streaming performance whether in the cloud or on premises
  • Resident or visitor content casting – Netflix, Stan, Prime, YouTube, Bluetooth
  • Build & customize the TV navigation for your residents
  • Staff only dashboards for monitoring/reporting
  • Personalized messages and reminders to residents
  • Additional service transactions
  • Facility information for residents, schedules, events
  • Centralized management of equipment maintenance and content
  • Open API (TV control/status/reports) for 3rd Party systems integration


Inevitably visitors will arrive with personal effects in their smartphones like Netflix subscriptions, or on an even simpler level, the photos and videos taken by their phone. Making such assets accessible on the room screen is therefore of value. The options The Ci Group propose are as follows:

  • Product that integrates with multiple GIA/Wi-Fi vendors and is compatible with any Hospitality TV
  • True seamless and secure casting of video from any Chromecast-enabled Apps to the in-room TV
  • This entails a simple setup connecting a standard Chromecast device to the in-room TV HDMI port
  • Chromecast works with iPhone®, iPad®, Android phone and tablet, Mac® and Windows® laptop, and Chromebook
  • The Ci Group system manages privacy and guarantees security for the guest content and credentials

Why The Ci Group is the right partner for you

  • Better user experiences
  • Higher productivity outcomes
  • Better wellness outcomes
  • Better delivery methodology

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