High Care Areas

(Incl. Dementia & Palliative)

Assistive technology has a significant role to play in these areas. Dementia is one of the most prominent challenges our society faces today and has become the single greatest cause of disability in older citizens. The Ci Group product offer includes assistive technology that can help.

Such assistive technology not only covers safety, communication and monitoring but can also deal with various aspects of everyday life encountered when in residential care. For example assistive technology can be employed in areas such as temperature control, lamp & light activation, and automated windows and blinds just to name a few.

The benefits of assistive technology run deep in the context of high care. It enables people with dementia to make more decisions for themselves, providing them a greater sense of safety and security and affording them more privacy and dignity. It also reassures family members about the level and quality of care being received, while at the same time improving the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the institution’s service delivery. It enables a win on both counts.

Being surrounded by familiar imagery and music from bygone days can also make such spaces feel less threatening. This reduces anxiety.


Music from a bygone era can help.


So can vision that prompts memories.

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