Fitness Areas

Music can greatly assist exercise at any age. Likewise TV can help combat the boredom of repetitive exercise by providing a welcome distraction. You just need the right content.

Encouraging exercise is in the best interests of your residents. Just a little exercise each day can improve fitness levels, enhance mood and reduce the risk of injury. The more independent your residents can be, the better their quality of life. How well you address the exercise question will also sway potential clients.

There are many ways technology can improve an exercises area, from interventions as simple as acoustic treatment through to streaming music via a playback system with enough oomph to get residents to dance.

Speakers can be placed in the ceiling or either side of a fitness instructor.  Large screens can provide the necessary distraction from boredom when on a treadmill or exercise bike.


TV can definitely make exercise easier.


Music gives exercise extra energy.

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